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19th June 2016

Yesterday we decided to take time out of the studio and visit the beautiful village of Ditchling in East Sussex. Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft had organised to have a vintage steamroller print linocuts, woodcuts and letterpress prints. Some of our favourite artists, Anthony Burrill Thomas Mayo and Rob Ryan were involved with this ambitious project known as Big Steam Print. The pictures below hopefully take you through some of the process. We even got involved inking up – a bit of a ‘busman’s holiday’. It was a great day out and should it happen again it would be well worth a visit. The sun even decided to come out. All in all a fantastic day.

bigsteamprint schedule

bigsteamprint Rollers

bigsteamprint Anthony Burrill

bigsteamprint inking up with Anthony Burrill

bigsteamprint Rob Ryan

bigsteamprint Thomas Mayo


bigsteamprint Anthony Burrill

bigsteamprint Anthony Burrill

bigsteamprint Anthony Burrill